Dong Yen Agricultural Enterprise Community


Dong Yen Agricultural Enterprise Community

Suphan Buri

The village of “Ban Dong Yen” which is of Lao Krang origin dates back to the reign of King Rama III. Located within the forest close to the town of U Thong, this village used to serve as a rest spot for passersby, thus the name “Dong Yen” which translates to “the village of shade”. Today, community members here run a communal agricultural enterprise, inviting visitors to try growing organic vegetables, mushrooms and sunflower sprouts, taking care of hens, and making earthworm compost in a fun and enjoyable way. The ultimate goal is for visitors to pick up real practical knowledge and skills they can use. You can collect fresh vegetables from the garden for cooking, make chili paste and arrange a local set lunch. Then, continue with some more activities like organic rice and traditional tofu-making, learn about the culture and have fun crafting inhaler in bottles decorated with tiny figures. Discover how the locals’ enthusiasm has lit what would be a relatively ordinary village, turning it into a charming learning spot.

2.ดงเย็น-ภาพรวม intro (8)
2. ดงเย็น-ภาพรวม intro (1)
2. ดงเย็น-ภาพรวม intro (3)
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- ชนบทที่รัก Silver Age 5.0-

Culture and Local Heritage

This land is well-suited for organic farming – including composting, vegetable growing, chicken farming and organic rice cultivation.

Through their local wisdom, locals here grow organic seasonal vegetables in baskets. This is a simple yet surprisingly useful practice as these chemical-free vegetables can be grown anywhere.

Highlight Activities

  • Grow organic vegetables.
  • Visit the communal mushroom garden.
  • Learn about the amazing lifecycle of earthworms.
  • Visit the Happy Chicken Farm.
  • Explore the tofu production facility.

Price for activities and food in community

1,200 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

Trip idea 2 days 1 night

Dong Yen – U Thong Ancient City

Price for 2 days 1 night program 6,000 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

*Accommodations, Acitivities in the community and meals are included
VAT is not included

5. ดงเย็น-โปรแกรม (1)
5. ดงเย็น-โปรแกรม (2)
5. ดงเย็น-โปรแกรม (4)
Day one
Morning Arrive at Dong Yen community. Freshen up with a herbal drink and some juicy seasonal fruits.
Late morning Sightseeing around Dong Yen community and learn about the organic farming way of life.

  • Help out with growing seasonal vegetables in baskets using a fully organic farming method.
  • Learn how to easily grow sunflower sprouts.
  • Visit the communal mushroom garden and learn how the delicious oyster mushrooms are grown before recharging your energy with some of the deep-fried mushrooms fresh off the wok.
Noon Enjoy herbal rice salad with watercress, local healthy local dish.
  • Visit the earthworm house and get to know all about the life cycle of the earthworm – a gardeners’ best friend. Earthworms help to process soil and improve its texture and drainage, as well as decompose organic matters and distribute microorganisms.
  • Visit the Happy Chicken Farm, the communal egg farm, and meet the happy chickens.
  • Explore the tofu production facility and learn how the tofu is traditionally produced.
Evening Say goodbye to Dong Yen community
Have dinner at Ruean Bu-nga Garden. Enjoy the famous straw-roasted snakefish served with three different types of chili paste that perfectly compliment the dish.
Day Two
Morning Travel to the Buddhist district of Suphan Buri. Visit Khao Tamtiam Temple and admire the amazing, rarely seen “Pra Buddha Busayakiri Sri Suwarnabhumi” (Luang Por U Thong). Pay homage to the Buddha image that represents his gratitude towards his mother, carved on the cliffside, which is said to be the biggest in the world. Explore the carved images which detail the story of Buddha dotted around the cliff. Visit the Flying Dragon Cave and pay homage to the image of Dharani.
Late morning Take a break from the sun at A Life Cafe & Gallery, a resort-style café surrounded by a green, western-style garden. Enjoy their extensive list of hot and cold drinks; for coffee lovers, beans from all over the world are readily available here.
Visit U Thong National Museum and go back in time to the ancient U Thong city era through an exhibition of historically important artifacts that tell the story of Suvarnabhumi Kingdom – dating back over 2,500.
Noon Have lunch at Kura Sawasdee, a restaurant that’s been known for its local delicacies for over 10 years.
Afternoon Travel back to Bangkok.

Booking Center:
092-257-6499, 065-939-9015

Best Season for Visiting

The activities are suitable for all seasons.

6. ดงเย็น-ฤดูกาล (1)
6. ดงเย็น-ฤดูกาล (3)

Food at the Community

Individual dish (lunch): Herbal rice salad with watercress
Set meal (dinner): Steamed rice with taro / tamarind soup with moringa and coconut milk / pickled cabbage soup with fish / herbal salad with watercress / spicy fish paste served with organic vegetables / deep fried fish / banana leaf-grilled fish and tamarind fish sauce
Dessert/snack: Organic watermelon and seasonal fruits
Drinks: Sappanwood, bael and pandan leaf / herbal drink

Local Products

Red jasmine rice, Riceberry, Riceberry flour, Fermented mulberries, Bengal currant herbal drink, Kanom Kong (wheel-shaped fried pastry), Woven baskets, Hammock fabric, Vegetable sprouts

8. ดงเย็น-สินค้าในชุมชน (1)

Local Homestays

Two houses with a capacity of 8 guests
350 baht per guest with breakfast included

English Speaking Guides

10. ดงเย็น-มัคคุเทศก์ คุณธนาพงษ์ คงเซ็น

Khun Thanapong Kongsen
Tel: 097-236-8869
E-mail: [email protected]

10. ดงเย็น-มัคคุเทศก์คุณสุดาทิพย์ โอชารส (ก้อย)

Khun Sudathip Ocharos
Tel: 090-994-3646
E-mail: [email protected]

Nearby Attractions

12. ดงเย็น-สถานที่ท่องเที่ยวใกล้เคียง (3)

Mangkornsawan Park

12. ดงเย็น-สถานที่ท่องเที่ยวใกล้เคียง (2)

Pushayakiri (carved buddha image on a cliffside)

12. ดงเย็น-สถานที่ท่องเที่ยวใกล้เคียง (1)

Khao Dee Salak Temple

Nearby Accommodations

13. ดงเย็น-ที่พักใกล้เคียง Prem Mansion U Thong

Prem Mansion U Thong
Tel: 099-481-8899
Price: 600 – 700 baht

13. ดงเย็น-ที่พักใกล้เคียง Tolopoti Hotel&Resort3

Tolopoti Hotel & Resort3
Tel: 082-333-3308
Price: 1,200 – 3,600 baht

Getting to the Community

2.5 hours from Bangkok by car or van

Local Coordinator

14. ดงเย็น-ผู้ประสานงานชุมชน คุณแวว สว่างแจ้ง

Khun Waew Sawangchaeng
Tel: 083-308-8144

Local Tour Operator

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898/97 Prasert Manukit Road, Klongkum sub-district, Buengkum district, 10240 Bangkok
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