Leeled Eco Tourism Community


Leeled Eco Tourism Community

Surat Thani

Leeled is a small community hidden in the coastal district of Punpin in the southern province of Surat Thani. The region is known locally as the “Amazon of Thailand” thanks to its rich landscape of comprised of the vast ocean and mangrove forests. The locals have been living off the abundant and complex delta ecosystem in Ban Don Bay for centuries, developing a unique way of life and various know-hows. They have set up vocational groups for shrimp paste making, nipa palm dessert and wickerware. The seemingly endless mangrove forest not only protects the shoreline; it is also the habitat of various sea birds, and you can admire its grandeur from the side of a boat in the evening. Thanks to the regional abundance of fresh ingredients, the chili paste here is second to none. The aromatic paste uses large shrimps that are caught with a specialized trap. People also arrange these traps to collect different kinds of fish and mussels which go into making delicious local dishes, while their nipa palm dessert uses locally-grown coconuts. You’ll get the chance you pass under the shade of mangroves on a boat trip – feeling like you are on an adventure through a tropical rainforest. At dusk, the scenery is lit up by the pale green light from the firelies which beams all the way from the canal to the beachfront mangrove forest. The forest at Ban Don Bay is truly a natural wonder to which the locals’ lives are deeply connected.

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Culture and Local Heritage

People’s lives in this eco-friendly fishing village are closely connected to the expansive ocean, abundant land and mangrove forest. Most of the locals here work as traditional fishermen, coconut orchard farmers and shrimp farmers.

The local wisdom revolves around the process of making shrimp paste with yellow shrimp (instead of the traditional way of using small shrimp).

Highlight Activities

  • Explore the “Amazon of Thailand” and help with restoring the mangrove forest
  • Experience the atmosphere of the traditional fisherman way-of-life
  • Head out to see fireflies on an evening boat ride

Price for activities and food in community

1,700 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

Trip idea 2 days 1 night

Leeled – Unseen Thailand Tunnel

Price for 2 days 1 night program 8,000 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

*Accommodations, Acitivities in the community and meals are included
Air tickets and VAT are not included

Day one
Morning Arrive at Leeled Community “Tourism for Conservation”
Noon Lunch Leeled style with local Southern comfort food
Afternoon Immerse yourself in the fishermen’s traditional way of life here at the “Amazon of Thailand”.

  • Shop for popular local products, such as shrimp paste, and visit the nipa palm house and coconut orchard.
  • Take part in the restoration of the Amazon of Thailand; this involves getting into the water to plant a couple of mangrove trees which will help keep the soil together and protect the coastline.
  • Take a spectacular boat ride around the vast mangrove forest that expands every year. See the phenomenon that is often called a “sea invasion”.
  • Take in the evening sunset atmosphere accompanied by hundreds of thousands of birds flying around the mangrove forest.
Evening Have a dinner comprised of local dishes such as curcuma-fried mullet, raw shrimp paste, served with vegetables from the garden.
Night After sundown, enjoy another highlight activity: a boat ride to see millions of fireflies lighting up the night’s sky.
Depart Leeled Community
Day two
Morning First, make a stop at a café where you’re free to take photos and freshen up with some coffee. The local guide can recommend some great spots to suit your own preference, such as Vanilla Café & Bistro, Cafeteria, Day & Night Café Bar & Restaurant, and Cher Café.
Next, head to Bang Baimai community. Here, you’ll go on a boat ride to the “unseen tunnel” and learn about life in the nipa palm forest as you float along the stream.
Noon Go for lunch at a local restaurant in Bang Baimai or your preferred place recommended by our local guide, such as Lucky Restaurant, Day & Night Café Bar & Restaurant, Sky Hill, Yok Keng, and Lao Ow.
Afternoon Go on a sightseeing trip around the city, in which you will get to:

  • Visit Srisurat Bridge
  • Pay Homage at Suan Mokhapalaram Temple
  • Browse “Pumriang” silk.
Evening Head back to Bangkok

Booking Center:
092-257-6499, 065-939-9015

Best Season for Visiting

Mangrove forest boat tours are subject to the tide.


Food at the Community

Individual dish (lunch): Rice noodles with spicy soup and home-grown vegetables
Set meal (dinner): Fresh shrimp chili paste served with home-grown vegetables / river prawn tom yam / spicy stir-fried mullet / curcuma-fried mullet / stir-fried marine crab with milk
Snack: Fried vegetables with traditional peanut dip
Desserts: Nipa palm dessert / nipa palm in syrup / Thai desserts, including layered pudding, pandanus pudding and glutinous rice with steamed custard
Drinks: Fragrant coconut water / butterfly pea and lime juice / pandan juice

Local Products

Shrimp paste, Nipa palm leaves, Wicker bowls


Local Homestays

2 houses with a total capacity of 50 guests
250 baht per guest

English Speaking Guides

1. คุณมณฑิชา รอดเจริญ

Khun Monticha Rodcharoen
Tel: 080-323-9565
E-mail: [email protected]

2. คุณชื่นจิต ช่วยสงค์ 1

Khun Chuenchit Chuaysong
Tel: 087-270-0774
E-mail: [email protected]

Nearby Attractions


Chulachomklao bridge


Laem Po beach


Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya Ratchaworawihan

Nearby Accommodations


Rice Farm Villa
Tel: 077-201-150
Price: 2,000 baht


Roi Ko Hotel
Tel: 077-201-150
Price: 900 – 1,200 baht

Getting to the Community

Approximately 1 hour from Surat Thani Airport in Southern Thailand

Local Coordinator

2. คุณภัทรศยา ท่ากั่ว

Khun Pattarasaya Takua
Tel: 064-090-6478

Local Tour Operator

Udachi Company Limited (Headquarters)
898/97 Prasert Manukit Road, Klongkum sub-district, Buengkum district, 10240 Bangkok
Tel: 085-245-2458, 099-916-9099
E-Mail: [email protected]
Line@: @udachi

Find Folk Company Limited
7/5-6 Room 203 2nd Floor, Pradipat Road, Phayathai sub-district, Phayathai district, 10400 Bangkok
Tel: 02-278-1566
E-Mail: [email protected]
Social media: www.facebook/Findfolker
Instagram findfolks

Friday Trip Company Limited
14 Soi Ramkamhaeng 118 Yaek 45, Sapansoong, Sapansoong, 10240 Bangkok
Tel: 088-008-2906-7, 02-373-8008
Line@: @fridaytrip
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