Tung Yee Peng Ecotourism Community Enterprise


Tung Yee Peng Ecotourism Community Enterprise


Tung Yee Peng is a tiny community hidden away on the popular southern island of Ko Lanta Yai. It was originally known as “Toh Yee Peng”, named after the settlement’s original founder, before it eventually became Tung Yee Peng. Living off the land and ocean, locals here are predominantly fishermen and farmers. Many of the island’s Muslim population formed Tung Yee Peng ecotourism community – with the aim of educating and inspiring visitors to learn about this unique way of life that is deeply connected to the mangrove forest running along both sides of the canal down into the open water. After disembarking the plane at Krabi aiport, you’ll head along the green, winding road until you eventually reach the pier where you’ll board a boat to the island. Upon arrival, you’ll have the chance to take a look around the lush mangrove forest accompanied by fiddler crabs, as well as birds and other sea creatures. Sip on a herbal drink back at the community while watching the last light of the day disappear as the sun sinks below the horizon. For dinner, get an authentic taste of the south with fresh, locally prepared dishes to be enjoyed while listening to some of Tung Yee Peng’s old folk songs and poetry. In the morning, admire the sunrise from a small boat on the water – with nature’s soundtrack in the background. In Ko Lanta, you can discover your own story of nature conservation and restoration.

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2.ทุ่งหยีเพ็ง-ภาพรวม intro (3)
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- ชนบทที่รัก Silver Age 5.0-

Culture and Local Heritage

The Muslim way of life, deeply connected to the abundant mangrove forest and the Andaman Sea.

The local wisdom revolves around traditional fishing and medicinal fern tea for curing snake bites.

Highlight Activities

  • “Sunrise at Tung Yee Peng”
  • Experience the island market life at Ta Ruea market.
  • Enjoy some traditional Tung Yee Peng food.

Price for activities and food in community

1,180 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

Trip idea 2 days 1 night

Tung Yee Peng – Lanta Old Town

Price for 2 days 1 night program 7,100 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

*Accommodations, Acitivities in the community and meals are included
Air tickets and VAT are not included

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Day one
Morning Arrival at Krabi
Noon Enjoy lunch
Afternoon Boat journey through the Andaman Sea, destination Lanta Island
Leisure time at the hotel
Evening Enjoy delicious dinner at a local restaurant accompanied by a 360-degree panorama sunset view by the sea.
Day two
Dawn Arrive at Tung Yee Pang Community
“Sunrise at Tung Yee Peng”

  • Ride on “charcoal boats” used in the past to transport from the port. The boats are now beautifully decorated and serve as comfortable tourist boats. Sail on the dark water surface to see the first light of the day. Admire the endless sky and ocean view while tucking into a light breakfast of fish porridge, local desserts, and hot medicinal fern tea or coffee.
  • Explore the brackish water canals and hear the sounds of nature as you relax in the shade of the green mangrove forest.
  • See the island market life at Ta Ruea market and shop for some local souvenirs.
Noon Enjoy a lunch of Tung Yee Peng’s best traditional dishes cooked with rare local vegetables. Perfectly seasoned, the food comes served in local wicker containers.
Afternoon Departure from Tung Yee Peng
Explore Lanta Old Quarter, an old community dating back more than a hundred years. Visit Lanta Community Museum, an ancient building constructed entirely from wood. Here, you can check out the artifact exhibition that reflects the traditional way of life, local wisdom and culture of Lanta island.
Evening Travel back to Bangkok

Booking Center:
092-257-6499, 065-939-9015

Best Season for Visiting

The activities are suitable in all seasons.

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6.ทุ่งหยีเพ็ง-ฤดูกาล 2

Food at the Community

Individual dish (lunch): Rice with sun-dried fish chili paste served with fern hot soup
Set meal (dinner): Cashew nut leaf and shrimp spicy salad / tamarind soup with mackerel and curcuma-fried mackerel
Snack: Grilled glutinous rice sheet served with red honey / Grilled glutinous rice wrap with coconut flakes and sugar-cane caramel
Dessert: Banana in coconut milk / pumpkin in coconut milk / Grilled glutinous rice stuffed with banana or taro / Boiled banana with caramel sauce
Drinks: Medicinal fern tea / Pandan and lemongrass juice / iced fern tea

Local Products

Authentic Lanta shrimp paste, Sun-dried mullet, Medicinal fern tea


Local Homestays

3 houses with a total capacity of 20 guests
Fan rooms cost 350 baht with breakfast included.

English Speaking Guides


Khun Pongpat Maneeratprasert
Tel: 063-625-0564
E-mail: [email protected]

2. คุณมนัสทวุฒิ ชูแสง 1

Khun Manustawut Chusaeng
Tel: 081-267-5508
E-mail: [email protected]

Nearby Attractions


Wat Thum Sua (Tiger cave temple)

Colorful chinese temple in Old Town, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

Mu Ko Lanta National Park


Ko Lanta Lighthouse

Nearby Accommodations


Lanta Moonlight
Tel: 093-584-7946
Price: 1,000 baht


Srilanta Resort
Tel: 075-662-688
Price: 2,450 baht

Getting to the Community

Approximately 1 hour from Krabi Airport in Southern Thailand

Local Coordinator

คุณนราธร หงษ์ทอง 1

Khun Narathorn Hongthong
Tel: 089-590-9173

Local Tour Operator

Udachi Company Limited (Headquarters)
898/97 Prasert Manukit Road, Klongkum sub-district, Buengkum district, 10240 Bangkok
Tel: 085-245-2458, 099-916-9099
E-Mail: [email protected]
Line@: @udachi

Find Folk Company Limited
7/5-6 Room 203 2nd Floor, Pradipat Road, Phayathai sub-district, Phayathai district, 10400 Bangkok
Tel: 02-278-1566
E-Mail: [email protected]
Social media: www.facebook/Findfolker
Instagram findfolks

Friday Trip Company Limited
14 Soi Ramkamhaeng 118 Yaek 45, Sapansoong, Sapansoong, 10240 Bangkok
Tel: 088-008-2906-7, 02-373-8008
Line@: @fridaytrip
Social media: www.facebook.com/fridaytrip.page