Laem Pak Bia Community


Laem Pak Bia Community


Laem Pak Bia community on the shores of the Petchaburi river bay sits at the heart of an invaluable marine ecosystem, which has been revitalized thanks to the Lam Pak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project, a generous initiative of the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Petchburi river bay has become a new community tourism destination, especially Ban Don Nai, a small-ship fishermen’s village famous for its fresh seafood, such as blue crab. Here, you can take a boat ride out to explore the fishermen’s way of life. Head back to the shores to collect clams from the muddy shore before tasting some delicious and flavorful traditional dishes of Petchaburi.

2.แหลมผักเบี้ย-ภาพรวม intro (1)
2.แหลมผักเบี้ย-ภาพรวม intro (3)
2.แหลมผักเบี้ย-ภาพรวม intro (2)
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Culture and Local Heritage

The culture here revolves around the traditional fishing lifestyle in the Gulf of Thailand, harmoniously blended into the backdrop of the vast mangrove forest and the ocean.

The community’s local wisdom is focused around sea grape farming, the Laem Pak Bia environmental research and development project, which is part of the royal project, natural water treatment processes (such as a treatment pond, plant filters, an artificial wetland, and mangrove forest plantation). The latter is essential for allowing nature to heal by protecting the shoreline and ecosystems.

Highlight Activities

  • Taste the community’s local, chemical-free seafood.
  • Design your own tie-dye clothes with natural dye extracted from seepweed, sea purslane, and mangrove bark.
  • Immerse yourself in the traditional fishermen’s life on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Price for activities and food in community

1,800 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

Trip idea 2 days 1 night

Laem Pak Bia – Wat Neran Chararam – Phra Ramratchaniwet

Price for 2 days 1 night program 8,000 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

*Accommodations, Acitivities in the community and meals are included
VAT is not included

5 โปรแกรมแหลมผักเบี้ย (2)
5 โปรแกรมแหลมผักเบี้ย (6)
5 โปรแกรมแหลมผักเบี้ย (3)
Day one
Morning Travel to Laem Pak Bia community (Ban Don Nai), Petchaburi.
Late morning Taste the community’s local, chemical-free seafood, which is served fresh with a spicy dip from Oho Pu Aroi.
Afternoon Design your own tie-dye clothes using natural dye extracted from seepweed, sea purslane, and mangrove bark. Make your own colorful T-shirt or handkerchief.
Head out to sea, and towards the middle of mangrove forest. Travel along the coast and learn about the traditional way of life of the fishermen. Soak up the natural surrounding with the lush mangrove forest on one side and the endless ocean to the other, making sure to look out for different sea animals that come to greet you.
Stop by a muddy beach to search for clams with your bare hands.
Keep going to check out the impressive “separated sea” and walk along the sandbar jutting into the sea.
Travel back to shore and treat yourself with some seepweed steamed dessert and refreshing coconut juice.
Evening Bid farewell to the community.
Have a sunset dinner at Platoo Restaurant where you can taste delicious, fresh seafood at what is one of the top seafood spots in Cha-am by the seaside.
Day two
Late morning Travel to Neranchararam Temple and admire the chapel with an Indian architecture influence – a rare sight in Thailand. Pay homage to the great white Buddha image covering all of the “nine passages” of the body.
Noon Have lunch at Café Ban Cha-am, a Mae Kimlang-owned restaurant in the middle of the green fields. Enjoy dishes cooked with organic vegetables from Mae Kimlang’s farm.
Afternoon Visit Pra Ram Ratchaniwet, also known as Ban Puen Palace. Admire the beauty of the Baroque-art nouveau combination at the palace, which used to serve as King Rama V’s accommodation for his visits to Petchaburi.
Travel back to Bangkok.

Booking Center:
092-257-6499, 065-939-9015

Best Season for Visiting

Activities are suitable for all seasons, except for:

  • “Separated sea”: Only appears during May – October
  • Bryde’s whale observation: Only during September – November
6 ฤดูกาลแหลมผักเบี้ย (2)
6 ฤดูกาลแหลมผักเบี้ย (1)
6 ฤดูกาลแหลมผักเบี้ย (3)

Food at the Community

Individual dish (lunch): Fried rice with crab meat
Set meal (dinner): Spicy stir-fried clam / fried squid with garlic / tamarind soup with mullet
Snack: Deep-fried mangrove leaf and shrimp tempura
Dessert: Boiled seepweed and glutinous rice balls
Drinks: Fragrant coconut juice / roselle juice

Local Products

Processed and fresh seafood
Horse crabs, Flathead lobster, Spotted mackerel, Squid, Clams, Scallops


Local Homestays

4 private homestays:

  • Thongjira Homestay: 5 houses, 1,000 baht per house with breakfast included
  • Aitara
  • Pak Bia Buri
  • Nawee Srikasem Homestay

English Speaking Guides

10.แหลมผักเบี้ย-มัคคุเทศก์คุณตฤณชาติ อุทัยรัตน์

Khun Tinnachat Uthairat
Tel: 095-534-3524
E-mail: [email protected]

10.แหลมผักเบี้ย-มัคคุเทศก์ คุณธวัชชัย ช่างสอน

Khun Thawatchai Changsorn
Tel: 083-803-0003
E-mail: [email protected]

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Accommodations


Baan Kiang Wang Place
Tel: 032-400-181
Price: 600 – 1,000 baht

13. แหลมผักเบี้ย-ที่พักใกล้เคียง (1)

The Regent Cha Am Beach Resort
Tel: 032-451-240
Price: 2,450 baht

Getting to the Community

Approximately 2.5 hours from Bangkok by car or van

Local Coordinator

คุณอัจฉรี เสริมทรัพย์

Khun Atcharee Sermsap
Tel: 080-250-2537

Local Tour Operator

Udachi Company Limited (Headquarters)
898/97 Prasert Manukit Road, Klongkum sub-district, Buengkum district, 10240 Bangkok
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