Ban Rim Klong Homestay Community


Ban Rim Klong Homestay Community

Samut Songkram

Explore this traditional community next to Bang Pee Lok canal and go back to basics as you immerse yourself in the simple yet rewarding orchard life. The community is hidden under the shade of looming coconut trees next to the well-known Bang Pee Lok canal that connects to Amphawa canal, a branch of the Mae Klong river. Experience the way of life of this waterside community nestled among the lush mangrove plants and vast coconut orchard. Here, you’ll become immersed in the tales of the coconut tree farmers; get to try some delicious meals cooked with locally-sourced ingredients, and let your creativity unfold as you partake in a coconut shell tie-dye activity. Kick back next to the water as you watch the sun go down in the evening.

2. บ้านริมคลอง-ภาพรวม intro (1)
2. บ้านริมคลอง-ภาพรวม intro (2)
2. บ้านริมคลอง-ภาพรวม intro (3)
3. บ้านริมคลอง-วัฒนธรรม (1)
- ชนบทที่รัก Silver Age 5.0-

Culture and Local Heritage

Life by the Pee Lok canal revolves around the waterside orchard, with the area surrounded by coconut trees. This really is an authentic part of the culture of central Thailand.

The local wisdom here is focused around making coconut juice – which adds a sweet aroma and creamy texture to many Thai desserts.

Highlight Activities

  • Explore the coconut orchard.
  • See how coconut blossoms are cut from the plants all across the orchard.
  • Taste fresh coconut sugar from the blossoms.
  • Learn how to cook coconut sugar, packing it into containers for a souvenir to take home

Price for activities and food in community

2,200 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

Trip idea 2 days 1 night

Ban Rim Klong – Bang Koong Camp – The Baffalo Amphawa

Price for 2 days 1 night program 8,100 Baht/person (minimum 6 persons)

*Accommodations, Acitivities in the community and meals are included
VAT is not included

5. บ้านริมคลอง-โปรแกรม (6)
5. บ้านริมคลอง-โปรแกรม (3)
5. บ้านริมคลอง-โปรแกรม (4)
Day one
Morning Travel to Samut Songkram province, “land of mackerel”, and head all the way into “Ban Rim Klong Homestay Community”.
Late morning Fill your stomach with some Pad Thai with shrimp – which you can cook yourself (after getting the secret recipe)  served with a refreshing butterfly pea herbal drink.
Afternoon Explore the coconut orchard and see how coconut sugar is made.

  • See how coconut blossoms are cut from plants all across the orchard.
  • Taste fresh coconut sugar from the blossoms.
  • Help with coconut sugar simmering.
  • Place coconut sugar into the containers and keep them as a souvenir.
Evening Say goodbye to Ban Rim Klong Homestay Community.
Have dinner at Khao Mai Pla Mun, with dishes here using locally-sourced ingredients from the Mae Klong basin, such as milk-steamed crab eggs, spicy azima sarmentosa salad with shrimp, and tamarind soup with seepweed and shrimp. The setting is impressive too, with stylish bamboo shelters and kunai grass set in the middle of nature.
Day two
Morning Explore the seldom-seen “Bang Koong Camp”, a mysterious yet beautiful Buddhist location. In the chapel, which is covered with dense banyan tree roots, sits “Luang Por Nilmanee”; you can pay homage here for good luck.
Late morning Check in at The Buffalo Amphawa. Admire the attractive architectural design that perfectly represents the Mae Klong way of life. Chill out and relax at the cafe with a choice of hot and cold drinks crafted by Mae Klong’s best barista.
Noon Walk to The Rusty Rose restaurant for a lunch of Thai fusion and international dishes cooked with locally-sourced ingredients like mackerel from Mae Klong and lychee.
Afternoon Travel back to Bangkok.

Booking Center:
092-257-6499, 065-939-9015

Best Season for Visiting

The activities are suitable for all seasons.

6. บ้านริมคลอง-ฤดูกาล (2)
6. บ้านริมคลอง-ฤดูกาล (4)

Food at the Community

Individual dish (lunch): Rice with shrimp paste and mackerel
Set meal (dinner): Butterfly pea-steamed rice / Mackerel in sweet sauce / salty boiled mackerel / spicy stir-fried mackerel kidney / spicy coconut shoot and shrimp salad / shrimp chili paste, fried mackerel and seepweed omelette / sweet and salty grilled mackerel in nipa palm leaf
Dessert/snack: Three-colored glutinous rice balls / young coconut
Drinks: Young coconut juice / palm juice

Local Products

Coconut sugar, Sugary syrup, Powdered coconut sugar, Shrimp paste, Salt, Tie-dye bags

8. บ้านริมคลอง-สินค้าในชุมชน (1)
8. บ้านริมคลอง-สินค้าในชุมชน (2)

Local Homestays

10 houses with a total capacity of 150 guests

English Speaking Guides

10. บ้านริมคลอง-มัคคุเทศก์ คุณธนิษา บุญสนอง

Khun Thanisa Boonsanong
Tel: 086-007-9173
E-mail: [email protected]

10. บ้านริมคลอง-มัคคุเทศก์ คุณอาภาฤทธิ์ ทิพย์จรรยาวัตร์

Khun Aparit Thipjanyawat
Tel: 081-966-2214
E-mail: [email protected]

Nearby Attractions


Bang Koong Temple


Amphawa floating market


King Rama II Park

Nearby Accommodations

13. บ้านริมคลอง-ที่พักใกล้เคียง (1)

Thongchai Resort Amphawa
Tel: 034-710-755
Price: 1,200 – 2,200 baht

13. บ้านริมคลอง-ที่พักใกล้เคียง (1)-2

Juntima Place at Amphawa
Tel: 081-827-2755
Price: 1,000 – 2,200 baht

Getting to the Community

Approximately 2 hours from Bangkok by car or van

Local Coordinator

คุณถิรดา เอกแก้วนำชัย

Khun Thirada Ekkaewnamchai
Tel: 089-170-2904

Local Tour Operator

Udachi Company Limited (Headquarters)
898/97 Prasert Manukit Road, Klongkum sub-district, Buengkum district, 10240 Bangkok
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Line@: @udachi

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